NAOPA 2021: Nominate your office products heroes!

Who deserves to be recognised as the winners of the individual awards at this year’s North American Office Products Awards? It’s up to you!


Who deserves to be recognised as the winners of the individual awards at this year’s North American Office Products Awards? It’s up to you!

There is still time to get your entries and nominations in for the prestigious 2021 North American Office Products Awards (NAOPA) ahead of the 18 July deadline.

There are a total of nine category prizes up for grabs, including three individual awards for which you can nominate people who have made outstanding contributions to the independent dealer channel (IDC) in the North American office products industry.

Here’s a quick recap of these individual awards:

Young Executive of the Year
The business supplies industry needs young and dynamic individuals to ensure its continued success. This is your chance to reward a young executive (35 or under) who is making a real impact in their business and maybe the sector too. We are looking for individuals that are not only making a difference where they work but are also taking part in the wider OP community. This may be through associations, charities or dealer organisations. You can nominate a colleague, customer or supplier… or you can even enter yourself!

2019 winner: Beth Freeman, FSI Office

Professional of the Year   
This may be an employee from your organisation who has made a significant impact on areas such as growth, strategic direction and morale. It could be an owner who is growing their business, using innovative techniques and really making a difference both in the industry and their community. Alternatively, you can nominate an exceptional executive working for a customer, supplier or partner. What we are looking for is an outstanding individual, working within or supplying products or services to the IDC, who has the potential to influence the future of the channel.

2019 winner: Jon Rossman, President, Chuckals

Industry Achievement
This award seeks to recognise the achievement of a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the business products industry over the course of their career. This inspirational individual may have been instrumental in the success of an organisation, or has helped advance the dealer channel in North America through their dedication and commitment.
The individual must work within, or supply products or services to, the IDC. 

2019 winner: Simon de Groot

Since the NAOPA were last held, the IDC has had to deal with the challenges thrown up by COVID. Are there any individuals that have stood out from the crowd, perhaps devising strategies or leading initiatives that will have a long-lasting, positive impact on the channel?

The choice is yours. All you have to do is head over to this web page and follow the instructions to make your nominations. Remember, the deadline is 18 July.

The NAOPA will be awarded at the highly anticipated Industry Week event taking place in Florida in November.