Latest OP industry report to uncover key trends

Early bird rates for the highly anticipated fourth annual State of the OP Industry report are available until 31 January 2017.


Early bird rates for the highly anticipated fourth annual State of the OP Industry report are available until 31 January 2017.

Martin Wilde Associates – researchers to the global OP market – are once again collaborating with OPI to provide the ‘must have’ authoritative sourcebook for the industry.

Research for the study will commence in January 2017 and will investigate markets in the US, Canada, Benelux, France, Germany, UK and Australia and feature interviews with around 50 senior executives. The study will be published in April 2017.

Once again, the past 12 months have seen the industry continue to change substantially. Highlights of the report will include:

  • What is the current estimated value of the core OP market, how is this changing into 2017, and which of its subcategories are faring the worst and best?
  • What is the estimated size of the available market for facilities supplies and in which of its constituent subcategories are OP distributors seeing the most growth?
  • Managed print services are firmly back on the agenda for many OP distributors: what share of sales does this now account for?
  • Distributor margins continue to be under pressure: which types of OP distributor have ‘bucked the trend’, and how have they managed to do so?
  • Profound changes are occurring in the structure of supply: e-commerce is now firmly established as the dominant OP ordering method in many countries, while traditional channels continue to be challenged. What channels won and lost share in 2016 and which are most expected to benefit in 2017?
  • Amazon is now widely recognised as a fast-growing player in this market. What share of the core OP market is it now believed to have, and which types of customers is the company most successfully addressing?
  • How will the OP industry look after Staples and Office Depot have divested?
  • What will be the effects of Brexit and a Trump Presidency?

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