A paradigm shift required for the digital workplace

Stamford (CT), USA. Gartner warns that a move to a digital workplace will necessitate new IT security strategies.


According to analyst firm Gartner, traditional security strategies will become increasingly futile as organisations move towards a digital workplace – one dominated by mobile devices and numerous access points.

In a report by Gartner, Prepare for the Security Implications of the Digital Workplace, the analyst firm predicts that by 2018, 25% of large organisations will have a strategy in place to change the corporate IT environment to one more akin to a consumer computing experience.

The company cautions that the use of mobile devices in a digital workplace, along with increasingly sophisticated security threats and attacks, will make today’s approach of security prevention, increasingly ineffective.

A digital workplace will not only affect the IT infrastructure of an organisation, but will require a cultural shift, says Gartner. The firm suggests a strategic people-centric security (PCS) approach, which not only provides individuals with rights and responsibilities to safeguarding information security, but also implies trust.

Gartner VP Tom Scholtz commented: “The digital workplace implies new and different security risks, hence it is imperative for the impact of the digital workplace to be properly risk-assessed."