Recent appointments


In Europe


Spicers has appointed Louise Coiley to the newly created role of trade promotions coordinator. Colin Learmouth, director of merchandising, said: "Louise will be instrumental in developing more effective communications, relating to Spicers’ product promotional activity both within Spicers and more importantly to our customers."


In the US


Wal-Mart Stores has announced the appointment of Roger Corbett to its board of directors. He recently retired from his role as CEO and group managing director of Woolworths in Australia. He had been with company since 1990. Corbett will serve on the board’s Strategic Planning and Finance Committee.


Verso Paper Holdings has appointed Mike Jackson as president and CEO. Prior to joining the company, Jackson served as senior VP of Weyerhaeuser’s cellulose fibres, white papers, newsprint and liquid packaging board businesses. Jackson replaces the recently retired LH Puckett who will remain on the company’s board of directors.