Q3 growth for is.group

13 November 2006 — Indianapolis (IN): is.group has reported 15 percent growth during Q3 in YTD purchases by existing dealers through its regional distribution centres (RDC) compared to the previous year.

The chairman of is.group Jordan Kudler said: "This strong growth is a result of greater dealer adoption of our RDC program and it caps off what is clearly becoming an extraordinary and emerging year."


He continued: "Not only is the RDC initiative growing beyond our expectations but improvements in operating costs have surpassed expectations as well. Our YTD operating costs, for example, declined by 22 percent compared to last year."


Kudler said that is.group’s board of directors is optimistic for continued growth in 2007. He added: "In 2007, we plan to introduce more than 1000 additional SKU’s to our RDC’s, as well as expanding the service and delivery capabilities of the RDC model."