And finally: How key is green jan/san?

Our forthcoming Green Thinking supplement which will be published at the end of October will include an article on green jan/san products. Here are a few 'taster' comments about the core issues.


Noel Huebner, Director of Marketing, Alternate Channels, Soundview

Buyers of jan/san products should continue to educate themselves about the products they are buying and be mindful of the environmental footprint of the products they are buying.  Some products, especially low cost imports, are often made from non-sustainable virgin fibre that is transported thousands of miles to North America. While these might be well-priced, the products’ true environmental cost should be considered.

Jeff Abernethy, Associate Marketing Manager, Kimberly Clark

We have come to understand that people in general see green cleaning products as less efficient as their regular counterparts. We are actively working at changing those misconceptions among our customers and dealers’ customers. We believe that safer cleaning products are not only good for the environment, they are also beneficial to the people who are exposed to them.

Bill Balek, Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, ISSA

Green products must not only be as effective as traditional products but they must be competitive on price, while also minimising the impact on the environment and promoting the safety and health of cleaning staff and occupants alike. The mistaken belief that green products do not perform well or are too expensive continues to present a challenge to the proliferation of environmentally preferable cleaning products and practices. 

David Baumgarten, EVP, Baumgartens

The world is burgeoning with new and exciting raw materials made of natural waste materials. We see a trend where the mass market will be ranging these items at retail long before they will be available in the office and school supply channel.