Postal dispute will ‘prompt’ move towards electronic solutions



9 July 2007 — London (UK): A leading expert in electronic data integration has forecast that the current spate of postal strikes in the UK will drive businesses to investigate electronic procurement more seriously.


Ian Ford, managing director of First B2B, said: "As the Royal Mail and the unions have taken up entrenched positions it looks as if we are in for a tricky period of ongoing postal disputes. These are very disruptive for businesses that rely on communicating orders, deliveries, invoices, and payments through the post.


"While some will simply look at alternative postal services, others will recognise that technology is now making electronic procurement very much easier than it used to be. Internet based solutions are affordable for operations of all sizes and no hardware or software is required at the premises of either partner to a trade.


"Where businesses have many transactions with regular trading partners, the savings in postal costs and re-keying data into finance and procurement systems makes electronic solutions the best option every time. The postal dispute will accelerate the move away from what is already an outdated way of doing business."