Editor’s Comment

As you read this we could be just a couple of weeks away from the biggest merger in our industry’s history, with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) scheduled to announce its decision on the Staples acquisition of Office Depot in mid-October.

With all eyes turned on the FTC and speculation mounting as to whether it will approve the deal or not, we take another look at this game-changing transaction in this month’s Hot Topic.

The ramifications of this deal for all industry stakeholders are huge – whether it goes through or not – and these will be looked at in depth at the OPI European Forum taking place in London in early December. That makes it even more imperative to attend this senior level educational and networking event.

Staples/Depot will also be on the agenda at the EPIC show in Las Vegas this month – look out for news and stories from EPIC on opi.net and in next month’s magazine.

An article on opi.net last month in relation to a new book by former Boise Cascade and Corporate Express executive Ralph Barnett has caused a bit of a stir, with the industry veteran saying the office supply industry is “dead” and suggesting that Amazon or Walmart should buy Essendant.

Do you agree with Barnett’s views, and with his assessment of the office supply industry? If you have any strong feelings on this and would like to react, I’d love to hear from you.

Andy Braithwaite, Editor