Editor’s Comment

Andy Braithwaite announces himself as new Editor.


I apologise in advance for making you having to put up with two comments from me this month, but I’m currently wearing two hats as I transition into the Editor’s role. Nothing like a bit of good old multitasking, is there? Incidentally, a grateful nod in the direction of former Editor Bruce Ackland for his efforts in putting this issue of OPI together.

It’s certainly an interesting time to take on the Editor’s mantle at OPI: we are facing the same issues as many of our readers and have to make sure that we stay on our toes to remain relevant, report fairly on the key topics and lead the way in terms of covering new trends and issues. And we have the additional challenge of trying to do all this on a global basis, not just focusing on one or two markets.

We are also keeping a close eye on the evolution in the print world and the need to develop new products and solutions to meet the expectations of our increasingly mobile and digital-savvy readers. Many of you will be familiar with our mobile app – if not, why haven’t you downloaded it yet?! – and we are planning some interesting new developments in the coming months following the appointment of Niall (pronounced ‘Neil’) Hunt as our new Managing Editor. Niall is an award-winning journalist with a strong background in digital publishing, and is joining the OPI team in early September.

One of my first missions in my new Editor’s hat will be to attend the EPIC IS/TriMega show in Texas this month and I look forward to seeing those of you from the independent and wholesale channels in the US who will also be there.