Comment July/August 2016

Surprise surprise!


It’s been a month full of surprises, hasn’t it? And I’m not just talking about the England football (soccer) team’s humbling defeat at the hands of Iceland at Euro 2016… Thinking about it, perhaps it wasn’t that much of a surprise after all given England’s track record in major tournaments.

But I digress – the real shock, in my opinion at least, was the outcome of the UK referendum on 23 June and the decision to leave the European Union. This is something that has really set the cat among the pigeons on a number of levels – social, political and economic – and the fallout is bound to be felt for some time to come.

Technology is at the forefront of almost everything that’s happening in the business world today, and this month’s issue is a Tech Solutions Special that really covers a lot of key areas. I hope that in the following pages you find something useful that will help you develop your business.

Going back to surprises – Joel Vockrodt of US dealer Office Peeps received one of the nice kind recently, winning the iPad mini that was on offer to one lucky participant in OPI’s 2016 Reader Survey. Thank you to Joel and everyone else who took part in this extremely valuable exercise for us. Look out for some interesting improvements to OPI in the near future.

Have a great couple of months.

Andy Braithwaite, Editor-at-large