Out of touch with the milennials

30 November 2006 — Uxbridge (UK): Research commissioned by Xerox from Forest Consulting shows that although many companies in the UK and Europe have a website, a high proportion have no plans to monitor or contribute to community or external sites, discussion boards or blogs, as part of how they do business.

According to the study, the lack of knowledge regarding the power of peer-to-peer and online communication networks will leave some companies out of touch with the technology-literate graduates coming into the workforce, identified as "The Millennials" by Forrester Consulting.


Russell Peacock, managing director, Xerox UK said: "The Millennials cannot remember when the world wasn’t digitally connected. Conversing with peers in social computing networks, with the promise of instantaneous information sharing comes as second nature to them. They like to express their opinions about the products they love or hate, which will have a massive impact on how brands and businesses are perceived and therefore on how we do business. To simply ignore peer-networks is to ignore the views of a growing proportion of the working population."