OPI launches podcast channel

OPI is pleased to announce the launch of OPI Talk, the definitive podcast for the business supplies industry.


OPI is pleased to announce the launch of OPI Talk, the definitive podcast for the business supplies industry.

OPI Talk will feature all the latest news, key developments and trends within the OP sector, delving deep behind-the-stories through expert insight and analysis from the OPI editorial team and invited guests. A major highlight of the series will be the no holds barred interviews with leading industry executives from around the world.

“In this current climate, relevant communication is more important than ever. The launch of the OPI Talk podcast is a way in which we can help keep the industry together by kickstarting informed discussions about the events that are reshaping our sector,” said OPI CEO Steve Hilleard. 

For detailed information on the new OPI podcast channel, listen to the Welcome to OPI Talk trailer

OPI Talk is available for free on all major podcast platforms including Google and Apple, or you can listen to each episode directly from the OPI website.

With weekly episodes, OPI Talk launches on Tuesday 1 September with Changes and challenges in the office products wholesaling channel featuring industry veteran Robert Baldrey.

London, UK