Officepoint spells it out at marketing seminars


10 August 2007 — Middlesex (UK): UK dealer group Officepoint has held seminars encouraging its members to review the way in which they plan, implement and review their marketing strategies.


In a series of regional events, members were asked to consider to what extent they considered marketing to be an integral part of their business.


Keith Williams, director of business development said: "The A-B-C (Acquire, Build and Consolidate) approach is built on sound marketing foundations and if used effectively will have a positive impact on a members’ business. Although some aspects seem fairly obvious, a good number who attended admitted to not doing the obvious things often enough."


The seminars reiterated the need to focus on maximising "share of spend" with each customer and highlighted the extra profit achievable through effective "gap analysis", combined with the need to continually acquire new customers.


Officepoint also used the event to unveil its marketing programme for 2008.


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