OfficeMax helps customers to recycle


19 July 2007 — Naperville (IL): OfficeMax has launched a new recycling scheme, through its MaxPerks membership programme.

The scheme provides customers with a system to collect and redeem recyclable office supplies, such as used ink and toner cartridges as well as mobile phones. For every qualified ink cartridge and cell phone with battery returned to OfficeMax, customers will earn a $3 reward in their MaxPerks account.


After enrolling in the programme, customers can select the recycle container size that best fits their needs and one will be shipped at no cost. When the full container is returned, a new container is automatically shipped to the customer for more recycle collection.


Ryan Vero, EVP and chief merchandising officer, said: "We heard from our customers that they want to do more with their recycling efforts but they don’t know how to get started. Ink and toner cartridges and cell phones are common disposable items that take up a lot of room in a landfill. By providing free collection materials and an online tracking system, this new programme enables MaxPerks customers to start an on-going recycling programme and earn rewards along the way."