OfficeMax giving back to teachers


17 July 2007 — Naperville (IL): OfficeMax’s new Back-to-School Bonus programme allows teachers who enrol in MaxPerks for Teachers to earn up to $500 by earning $10 for every $100 of their students’ qualified purchases until September 30.

Ryan Vero, executive vice president of marketing and chief merchandising officer for OfficeMax, said: "According to Adopt-A-Classroom, teachers in America today spend an average of $1,400 a year out of their own pockets for classroom supplies – about $4 billion that’s not funded by the education system.


"Teachers make a substantial financial sacrifice to create meaningful learning environments. We designed our Back-to-School Bonus programme to show our ongoing support to help teachers achieve their lesson plan goals and to alleviate some of the financial burden."


Teachers can take advantage of the programme by enrolling at MaxPerks for Teachers at