Office workers becoming DIY experts

13 November 2006 — London (UK): British office staff spend more than 32 million hours a year on DIY jobs around their workplace, according to new research by handyman service 0800handyman.

The company calculated that on average, its handymen will spend 15 hours a month servicing an office with 100 staff. That means before calling in help, the average worker is spending nine minutes a month on office DIY.


With almost 18 million office workers in the UK, this equates to 32 million hours a year being sapped from the economy as staff wrestle with office DIY.


Based on research from more than 100 corporate clients, the handymen found the top 10 office DIY jobs to be: Mending wobbly desks, fixing toilets, moving office furniture, putting up flat pack furniture, putting up white boards, fixing in electrical equipment, framing certificates, mending locks and doors, changing light bulbs and clearing spillages on carpets.