Office Choice’s Smith steps down


31 March 2005 – Melbourne (AUS): Martin Smith has resigned from his position of managing director of the Office Choice Group, effective from 14 April.

In a letter to members of Office Choice Limited (OCL), Smith said his decision to resign had caused him considerable stress and personal anguish, but he believes the group is bigger than one individual and his decision is in the group’s best interests.

Chairman of OCL Colin Ferns said in a statement: "Martin’s contribution over the years to the OCL group and to the independent sector in general cannot be overstated." But he added: "History shows that all visionaries have had to suffer criticism, mainly from those who fear change, and Martin has been no exception."

Smith will now concentrate his full time efforts into his role as CEO of WCP Group services.

The OCL board will meet on 12 April to discuss the appointment of a replacement, the chairman disclosed.