Office 1 success praised


Office 1 has been awarded an Export Achievement Certificate for its recent accomplishments in the global marketplace.

The certificate was presented by Carlos Guttierez, secretary of commerce in Miami, Florida, and validates Office 1’s franchise distribution system in the OP industry, said the company’s president and CEO Mark Baccash.

The OP franchise is fast extending its global presence, particularly in the Balkan region, where it has just signed up a regional developer in Kosovo.

"The developer has 13 years’ [of experience] in the stationery business and already has a good customer base," Baccash told OPI. On his plans for the region, he added: "Kosovo has a population of two million and we are planning some 15 stores. It’s a small region, but this is one more little step ahead."

Office 1 now boasts 110 stores in Bulgaria; four in Macedonia; three in Greece; 24 in Turkey; four in Romania; and one in Montenegro.