Office 1 and XPD deal off


Office 1 Superstore has decided by mutual agreement with XPD that its retail franchise model is not suitable enough for them to enter into partnership, Office 1’s president and CEO Mark Baccash told OPI.

He said: "We decided with XPD that our franchise model is completely different and requires greater resources than operating a traditional buying group. Office 1 UK continues without XPD with the other founding partners."

Office 1 launched its franchise model to UK members and suppliers in January this year.

Founding director of XPD James Wilson told OPI that he agreed with Baccash’s comments, adding: "Trying to turn already established retail outlets looking for incremental benefits into full blown franchise agreements is difficult. But XPD will continue to pursue retail as a distinct opportunity in UK and its other markets of Germany and Italy in a way that better suits its current method of operating."

Office 1 also said it planned to announce further plans for the UK in the near future, as well as for other new markets in central Europe, where the grand opening of two stores in Kiev, Ukraine, were scheduled to coincide with the OP fair there in November.

The company also announced the addition of five new stores to its ever growing presence in Ireland. The franchise, set up in March, will have ten shops in the Republic by the end of this year, and has already disclosed that it expects more stores to come on board over the coming months.

London (UK) and Dublin (IRE)