Not walking the walk



Four years ago I came to the UK to set up a manufacturing company along the lines of our Australia-based company. Now let me say from the outset that I believe Australians generally speaking are more environmentally aware than the Brits.
My company manufactures executive presentation folders made from the highest quality 250gsm boards supplied by environmentally- conscious paper mills.
At this point in history everyone should be aware that paper mills manage their own forests. Once trees are harvested, new ones are planted. This is a sustainable forest solution and has been in operation long before the bandwagon started to roll out and bang its drum.
Our suppliers are vetted for their Forest Stewardship certificates and we endeavour to use recycled and chlorine-free boards in our process. So you would think when you approach a buyer from an OP reseller that purports to support environmentally-friendly products he/she would jump at the chance to have something like this amongst its portfolio. My experiences prove otherwise.
After years of setting up my stall and contacting category buyers with this information, on many occasions several companies have not even considered the possibilities. Oh yes, they listen and nod but when push comes to shove they are not prepared to take a risk and offer their customers the choice.
If you talk the talk, then walk the walk. If customers have a choice of eco-friendly products and non-environmental products, I sincerely think they would make the right decision. Most would anyway.
Remember, paper and board break down and return to our environment quicker and with less harmful effects than polypropylene.
Apart from banging my own drum about my products, there are many fine products out there that customers could choose over plastic ones, but I think it will take a long time for people to switch from a cheaper form of product made from plastic to one that is more environmentally friendly.
An educational programme of understanding what we are doing to our planet is needed along the lines of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth, but based on everyday products and their uses, instead of another reality programme to confuse the masses again and again and again.
Go on, risk it…what have you got to lose? The planet? I’ll stop here and leave you to ponder.