New age



Depending on whether you are a cover-to-cover reader of OPI magazine or someone who prefers to dip in to find their favourite bit first, you may have noticed that the news section of the May issue has a different format. Therefore, I felt an introduction was necessary as well as addressing a couple of some changes to OPI‘s service and the advent of a new exciting digital age for the maagzine.
Firstly, let me walk you through the new news section and the rationale behind it. The observant ones among you would have noticed that we have no more marked up news analyses and the general news section has been reduced to a two-page news in brief section. In addition to this we have a section on personnel changes and a new section called month in pictures, which this month is dominated by the highly successful OPISource event which took place in Beijing in April. In forthcoming months there will also be the inclusion of a section dedicated to financial results – when required.
However, the main change is the disposal of the news analyses section in favour of the new news in depth segment. This decision was made in order to reduce the amount of coverage given to news in its simplest form and to increase the emphasis on analysis, exclusive comment and research. Our first news in depth section offers a look at the remarkable rise of digital imaging supplies revenue, and sees us talking to new Spicers chief Rob Vale as he targets progress in continental Europe. Elsewhere, there’s no ignoring the continuing march of Wal-Mart across the globe with Asia set to rival its US business in time and, on the PC side, Taiwan-based Acer makes some bold statements on its hopes for becoming a top three global player in the PC market.
As another additional new service for OPI readers, I can reveal that from May the magazine will be available digitally as well as in its normal hard copy format – a great new service for our readers.
Never more so than in this instance, we value the opinion of our readers and we would be most interested to hear your feedback on the changes. Please email me your thoughts.
Finally, there’s a bit of OPI housekeeping to be done. For those of you who have missed our announcements on and enews, there have been some important changes to online access to OPI. As of Monday 10 April, OPI requires everyone accessing OPI eNews and magazine content online to also apply for a FREE subscription to OPI magazine if they have not already done so. If you do not meet our terms of control, we will inform you immediately and provide you with details on how to become a paying subscriber.
The process takes just a few seconds and is part of an ongoing strategy to help OPI deliver the best service possible by knowing who our readers are and what they read.
OPI would like to thank all of its readers for their continued support.