MPA unveils new US OP market report



The US OP market pushed ahead by 5 per cent in value terms in 2004 to reach $44.9 billion at manufacturers’ selling price, according to MPA International’s second annual report on the US market, which was produced with SHOPA and OPI.
Much of this growth is due to the recovery of the US furniture market, says the report, which, boosted by the economic recovery and the return of business confidence, grew by nearly 7 per cent in value terms in 2004. Office furniture has been covered for the first time in the report.
The study focuses on the size and structure of the market in 2004. It also provides comparative data for 2003 and looks ahead to 2007. Its format also mirrors MPA’s European OP market reports, enabling readers to compare the markets on either side of the Atlantic.
Last year was also marked by increasing paper prices, which pushed the value growth of the cut paper sector ahead very substantially.
The electronic office supplies (EOS) sector also continued to see growth in value terms of nearly 5 per cent, with sales in printer cartridges growing by over 4 per cent.
Growth in traditional office products, meanwhile, was much more muted.
MPA International has also published its US Vertical Market OP End-User Survey, the first-ever study of end-user behaviour in the US OP market by the company.
The survey involved structured telephone interviews with the OP purchasing decision-makers in 500 major companies and organisations.
More details are available on the company website at