MPA launches first US end-user survey


31 March 2005 – London (UK): Following last year’s successful report on the US OP market, MPA International has embarked its first-ever study of end-user behaviour.

The new report, entitled US Vertical Market OP End-User Survey, will involve structured interviews with 500 office products purchasing decision makers in major US user companies and organisations.

These interviews will look to cover key issues concerning end-user purchasing of office products, such as how OP purchasing is organised; what products are purchased; brand awareness and interest in private label; use of OP supply contracts and interest in single-sourcing; supplier selection criteria ratings; supplier awareness, usage, loyalty and perception ratings; and service requirements.

The report is due to be completed by the end of August, but as with any other MPA surveys, a substantial discount is available to those who subscribe before the end of April.

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