Mother knows best


Dear editor,


I was pleased to read the views of Darren Cassidy in last month’s vox pop. It’s about time working mothers got a bit of credit for the skills they can bring to the workplace.


I have been back at work for almost a year since returning from maternity leave and I definitely feel that I now bring a different approach to my work.


Becoming a parent shouldn’t be seen as a career setback. It can help your work in many positive ways.


May I suggest a future question in your excellent vox pop section on the extent to which the OP industry actively recruits returning mums?


Karen Richards, London


Female buyer


Dear editor,


Thank you for last month’s insightful profile page in your Female Buyer article. You clearly identified the complexities associated with the buying decisions of female buyers and avoided stereotyping. Skilfully done!


A female procurement manager, Orlando, (FL)




Fair coverage


Dear editor,


I want to thank you for allowing’s members to respond to the former member’s claims. I understand that this is becoming somewhat of a media circus and I am sure it is something that we would all like to put behind us.


Jordan Kudler,




Play bus


Dear editor,


Congratulations to Mike Emery, the youngest Emery brother working at COS, who has single-handedly raised over £40,000 to fund a three-month expedition across Eastern Europe to teach children from war-torn countries how to play. COS has donated a mini-bus to the cause and wanted to support him because it provided us with an opportunity to help so many disadvantaged children who have grown-up without the benefit of play.


James Emery, managing director, COS (Complete Office Supply)