Mondi unveils revolutionary technology

18 January 2007 — Vienna (AUT): Mondi Business Paper has unveiled neox, groundbreaking nano-hybrid technology, capable of revolutionising the paper industry.

Günther Hassler, CEO of Mondi Business Paper, said: "By utilising nano-hybrid technology, we have achieved a breakthrough in paper production. neox will revolutionise the colour laser printing market. It is a paper more versatile than anything on the market to date."


He continued: "We have succeeded in combining the advantages of coated and uncoated paper in one sheet. neox is like nothing the paper world has seen before."


This is the first time nano-hybrid technology has been used in paper production. Produced in Austria, the process involves a sheet of standard A4 size paper being covered by 25 trillion nano-particles on each side. The result is a paper product that unites the gloss and smooth surface feel of a coated paper with the high whiteness and stiffness expected of a quality uncoated paper.


Hassler added: "Our corporate vision PUSHING THE LIMITS has focused our efforts as a Group towards developing innovations that secure our competitive edge in the field. For more than two years, our experts in the Competence Center for Innovation have been working on the development of neox. We see neox as a platform technology with which we can develop new paper solutions for other printing processes in the future."


Paperworld 2007 in Frankfurt next week will be the setting for the official launch of neox.