Midwest is first to go live with SAP solution


13 January 2006 – Springfield (IL): Midwest Office Supply is the first dealer in the nation to go live with the new SAP Hosted Solution for Business Products Resellers, and now, a month after installation, things are going extremely well, according to the company. 

Jeff DeMarco, partner of Midwest, which is based in Springfield, Illinois, said: "Within a month of installation, we wanted to be fully ramped up, with a trained staff and be managing by exception. We have clearly met that goal, despite the fact that our December has been extremely busy. The system is performing great and has provided all the benefits we were looking for."


The SAP Hosted Solution for Business Products Resellers was jointly created by SAP and United Stationers, along with an advisory council of independent office products dealers, to empower dealers to compete more effectively in an environment where technology has dramatically changed consumer buying habits.