Lecom takes bite out of Romanian market


22 March 2005 – Transylvania (ROM): Lecom, the sole importer of Inktec and Pelikan products in Romania, estimates turnover to reach €5.2 million ($6.9 million) this year, an increase of more than 30 per cent on 2004’s figure.

The company, which currently has four warehouses and eight stores, plans to expand its store network by opening ten new sales points this year, for which is has more than €500,000 set aside.

Gunther Wotsch, the company’s majority shareholder, told local newspaper ZF Transilvania: "We went through a very good period last year, which continues in form of a similar growth pace at the moment. Having your own stores is the safest distribution network as it provides for a much greater stability compared with the ‘borrowed’ networks."