Kodak research reveals secret printing habits


21 May 2007 — Rochester (NY): New Kodak research has revealed that nearly 50 percent of home printer owners report they would print more or differently if ink cost less. Nearly 60 percent of respondents say printer ink is expensive so they try not to waste it.

The survey found that 59 percent of respondents admitted to printing in black and white to conserve colour ink, 33 percent printed in draft or economy mode and 57 percent avoided using hardcopy all together.


The study also revealed that six out of ten office workers with home printers print personal documents at work – with more than 70 percent saying they are most likely to engage in such behaviour outside their normal working hours. According to the research one third of office workers cite printer speed as the reason they print personal documents at work and more than one quarter use office printers to preserve home printing supplies or because the printing is free.