Integra supports new ISP

8 January 2007 — Newport (UK): Integra Office Solutions has partnered with internet service provider (ISP) KeConnect, to provide its customers internet connectivity and technical support.

Integra’s IT channel manager Dave Wellington said: "KeConnect was an obvious choice of business partner for us. The fact that they have been outperforming all other UK-based ISPs on the UK’s independent broadband comparison website, ThinkBroadband for over a year now, highlights just how successful they are. In fact, they outperform all the ISPs listed on connection speed, reliability and customer service — all areas of importance to our members."


Ian Whitehouse-Giles, KeConnect’s sales manager, said: "When we looked at the demands and needs of Integra’s members, it was clear that post-sales support was of paramount importance. Due to the way in which KeConnect is set-up, our resellers recommending our products and services do not have to invest in any additional billing systems or technical support. We handle all of this, liaising directly with those using KeConnect Internet, taking any post-sales stress away from those recommending the products."


Integra had previously recommended BT’s broadband service to its members.