High hopes for Bulgaria


The Bulgarian OP market was worth 180.6 million ($102.7 million) at manufacturer selling prices (MSP) in 2003, and will grow to the value of 1113.2 million by 2008, according to a new MPA International report.

The report, entitled The Bulgarian Office Product Market 2003-8, is MPA’s first study on the Bulgarian OP market, and was produced in association with OPI.

Like MPA’s previous studies on the OP markets in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, the report looks at market drivers such as demographics and IT penetration, as well as distribution channels, key distributors and their shares.

Managing director Martin Wilde said: "There is a great deal of interest in eastern Europe, both as a user market and as a manufacturing base, and with these countries poised both on the brink of EU membership and on a massive potential growth curve, it is vital that the potential of each of these markets is well documented and understood."

London (UK)