GOME invests in office supplies business


6 December 2006 — Beijing (CHN): Gome Electrical is gearing up to invest I billion remninbi ($ 125.4 million) to ‘seriously’ develop its electronic office supplies business over the course of the coming year, according to Huiwen Wang, director of the company’s Beijing division.

GOME is planning to set up 100 specialty PC departments as well as 600 mobile phone and IT departments throughout the chain.


The Beijing division has launched an Office Automation (OA) division in preparation for the new departments.


GOME’s latest strategy is said to be a response to rival Best Buy’s entrance into the Chinese market.


Best Buy is expected to open its first own brand name store in China by the end of the month. The company completed its acquisition of China’s fourth biggest consumer electronics firm Jiangsu Five Star over the summer.