First Base to distribute DAC products


3 January 2007 — Toronto (CAN): Sidney Deuitch, president and CEO of Data Accessories Corporation, has anoounced that the company has made a definitive agreement with Toronto-based First Base making First Base the exclusive Canadian distributor of DAC products as of 2 July.

Deuitch said: "Our agreement with First Base allows us to focus on our product development initiatives and our supply chain infrastructure in Asia to continue to build our global brand."


He continued: "Our choice of First Base for Canada was an easy one. Like us, they are totally committed to excellent customer service and have excelled in their intimate knowledge of PC users. We very much look forward to their unique consumer and market insights as we move our business forward".


Jean-Pierre Cayer, president of First Base, said: "We are excited by this appointment. The leverage of our combined core competencies enables us to deliver a much stronger value proposition to our reseller partners and their customers."