Eurostat managing director leaves company


6 September 2007 — Croydon (UK): Eurostat Office Supplies has announced that it has parted company with Ken Macgregor, after a career with the company spanning 14 years.


Owner and chairman, Stefan Mercado, is stepping back into the position of managing director, having previously played a non executive role.


"The last couple of years have not been easy ones for Eurostat," said Mercado. "I wanted to take a more hands-on approach to running my business. As a result Ken feels that his future lies elsewhere. I have thanked him for his past support, shaken his hand, and wished him well for the future."


Eurostat have been very active in the acquisition field in recent times, acquiring three businesses in the last 18 months, and the company is still actively seeking tie-ups with businesses that are a good match.


According to Mercado: "It’s the internal policy that has undergone a major shake-up in the last two months. We have recruited four young, new sales people this summer, and believe that organic growth must once again become one of the main drivers for the future.


"We have a very ambitious five-year plan to make Eurostat one of the biggest, fastest growing and most successful independent dealers in this country. We know how much work that is going to take, but I now believe we have the strongest team we’ve ever had, and that together we can make it happen. I am personally very excited by the challenge that lies ahead."