Europe overtakes US in PC market


19 January 2006 – Stamford (CT): PC shipments rose 15.3 per cent in 2005 with Europe overtaking the US as the largest market, a survey by Gartner has revealed.

The market research group reported that Dell, with its global market share of 16.8 per cent, had extended its lead over Hewlett-Packard (14.5 per cent).


Total worldwide PC sales rose to 218.5 million units in 2005 from 189.5 million in 2004. Shipments in Europe, Middle East and Africa grew 17.1 per cent to 72 million units, surpassing the US which grew 7.5 per cent to 67 million.


The fastest growth was in Asia Pacific and Latin America where sales increased 26 per cent to 42.8 million and 14.7 million, respectively.