Europa to axe two thirds of staff


18 April 2005 – Birmingham (UK): Europa is to axe 18 out of its 26 employees this week including some members of its top management, a source from inside the company told

The customers services, IT and logistics departments will all go as a direct result of the decision made by Europa groups Integra, Nemo and United to hand over the existing warehouse business to Antalis and focus on purchasing.

While the previous warehouse provider Wincanton only took care of the logistics side of the business, Antalis will also service Integra, Nemo and United dealers from 31 May out of its Coalville operation.

Europa will now concentrate on negotiating contracts for the group’s own label products supplied via Antalis, for direct supply to dealers and BPGI. Manufacturer brands will be negotiated together with Antalis.

Those who will be made redundant will leave the company on 31 May, some of which have been offered positions by Antalis, which will take over the logistics contract from June 2005.