Estonia’s PC market rosier than most


3 December 2004 – Tallinn (EST): PC sales in Estonia are expected to grow 15 per cent in 2005, according to predictions by IT retailer Enter IT-Market, which is currently launching operations in the country.

Chairman of the company’s supervisory council Aivar Paalberg told the Baltic News Service: "We expect computer sales in Estonia to total approximately 80,000 units this year and reach 92,000 next year. In comparison with the nearest neighbours, and in view of the popularity of cell phones and other technology among Estonians, our computer market has a strong growth potential."

He added that around three quarters of PCs sold in Estonia are produced locally, and that foreign brands are still a minority.

In separate news today, Morgan Stanley became the latest analyst group to post a sceptical view of the global PC market in 2005.

Morgan analyst Rebecca Runkle lowered her growth forecasts for global unit shipments from 11 per cent to 9 per cent, stating that a "meaningful acceleration" in the enterprise business sector would be needed for the overall PC market to post double-digit growth in 2005.