‘Esselte Europe’ reshuffle marks new Euro focus


19 October 2004 – Stamford (CT): Esselte is spearheading a huge reorganisation plan among its European divisions in order to double sales by 2007, the company has revealed.

The company has consolidated sales group Europe to form Esselte Europe, which will place a new focus on research and development, product innovation, common branding, and sales excellence.

Cezary Monko, president and chief commercial officer of the new division, said: "This change will help move Esselte from a product-driven company into a more brand and market driven company that can respond more quickly to continuing developments in the market.

"The change has been driven, in part, by our big European customers who expect us to act as if Europe were on market," he continued, "and by our own strategy to grow our core brands with a single-mined focus on a complete range of products with a common design."

Esselte has already merged its Esselte and Leitz branded filing and moulding desktop products with its stapler and punch business, for example, which will be managed by Esselte Europe.

It also now plans to merge its binding and lamination business with its rapidly growing Dymo division, which will continue to be led by Philip Damiano.