EOSA swells eastwards


26 November 2004 – Amsterdam (NL): The European Office Supplies Alliance (EOSA) is building on its pan-European vision by expanding its international network of independent partners eastwards into the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

The new EOSA partners are Czech Republic-based Partner Czech, Hungary-based Apisz and Poland-based Biuro Plus.

Described by EOSA as market leaders in their respective markets, the new partners bring a joint turnover of €50 million ($66 million) to EOSA, whose existing partners already boast €850 million in combined sales.

EOSA chairman Oswald van Even told opi.net: "We have selected our new partners very carefully to ensure they have a strong international focus and are committed to working with EOSA."

In a joint statement, the three new EOSA partners said: "After opening up the borders of the European Union in May, this is an excellent opportunity to broaden our horizon in Europe. This will enable us to service our international clients and to win new European clients. Moreover we see this alliance as an excellent chance to learn from other partners.

"It is also much appreciated that at the same time we will be able to maintain our own company identities and still take into account local preferences," they added.