Editor’s letter



I hope everyone has returned from the beach relaxed and refreshed and looking forward to another busy period in the OP industry.


While it felt like many of our friends and colleagues have been relaxing in the holiday hotspots of the world, the OPI team has been busy interviewing, meeting and liaising with those left behind.


It is incredibly sad to report the troubles surrounding is.group continue as the breakaway group of former members have their say on the events leading up to last month’s court action.


It’s extremely troubling as an objective onlooker to watch the two sides grow further and further apart with their views becoming more and more entrenched.


There appears no obvious and painless solution for this situation and the future looks uncertain with the lawyers beginning to circle in the water like a shiver of sharks latching on to the smell of blood.


Elsewhere in this month’s issue we have gone out into the marketplace to examine the tools needed to understand and react to the demands of the customer base. We have also taken a close look at innovation and how it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the OP industry.


In addition, the editorial team at OPI have also analysed Staples’ blockbuster US $350 million plus deal to supply healthcare procurement group Broadlane. Last month, we coincidentally featured the massive potential of the healthcare sector for the office products industry – at OPI we will always endeavour to build on our reputation of delivering the most important insights that have a true bearing on this fantastic industry.


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But despite our reputation for being first with the news, we still always need to hear more from the industry – whether it be releases, opinion or comment – let us know at news@opi.net


Until next month…