6 September 2007 — Fort Worth (TX): eCommerce Industries (ECI²) has released a new version of ecInteractive, its next-generation web storefront and internet customer service application.


The new release, version 7.3, adds user interface improvements and additional functionality, said the firm in a statement. The release also marks the completion of a multi-phase project to leverage wholesaler SP Richards’ (SPR) new Enhanced E-Content.


"The new content represents a tremendous resource for the independent dealer," said Becky Manion, senior product manager for ECI²’s eCommerce division. "We have been working closely with SPR to take full advantage of the work they have done. Recent releases of ecInteractive have introduced new features that leverage the enhanced content to provide competitive advantages for SPR’s customers."


Benefits available with the Enhanced E-Content include quicker, more intuitive product searches, the ability to filter searches by product attributes such as brand or colour, and improved categorization for easier browsing of the online catalogue, the software developer said.


Other E-Content-related features include accessory and complimentary items links, package quantity and attribute links for up-selling, product comparisons, extra-large product images and support for rich media content such as 360° revolving images, manufacturer rebates and warranties, and user manuals.