Dell posts healthy results

22 November 2006 — Rolling Rock (TX): Dell has reported preliminary results for Q3.

Revenue increased by 3.6 percent to $14.4 billion from $14.09 billion a year earlier.


Operating income rose 9.3 percent to $824 million from $754 million in the previous year.


EPS were up 20 percent to $0.30 from $0.25 in the prior-year period.


In the Asia Pacific and Japan region, revenue was $1.9 billion on unit growth of 23 percent, as the company gained 1.4 share points year-over-year.


Led by 33 percent unit growth in China, Dell was also the fastest growing among the top five vendors in the region, growing at nearly three times the growth rate of the industry.


In India, units were up 93 percent and to more efficiently serve the growth in this market, the company said that it plans to open manufacturing operations there early next year.


In the EMEA region, revenue was $3.3 billion with unit growth of 9 percent.


Dell also recently announced its second manufacturing location for EMEA to be located in Lodz, Poland, to provide more timely delivery to customers in Central and Eastern Europe.


In the Americas, revenue was $9.2 billion on unit growth of negative 4 percent. Unit growth was 37 percent in Brazil and 19 percent in Canada.


Dell ended the quarter with $11.6 billion in cash and investments.


Commercial paper outstanding at the end of the quarter totalled $236 million.


The company suspended its share repurchase programme in mid-September and as a result only spent $335 million to repurchase 15 million shares.