Dell announces recovery plans


5 July 2007 — Singapore (SGP): Dell is forecasting growth of nearly 20 percent this year in PC and notebook shipments in Asia, excluding China, Japan and South Korea.

Although Paul-Henri Ferrand, president of Dell’s Asia Pacific South region, failed to disclose last year’s results for the region, he said that shipments for the whole of Asia, including China, Japan and South Korea, reached 3.5 million units per quarter.


Dell has also announced plans to expand its market channels in the region by selling products to consumers via retailers and other distributors rather than sticking to its original direct- to-consumer method, which involved online and telephone sales.


Ferrand said: "What we have realised lately is that the direct model should not just be a religion because what we’ve seen is that some consumers, especially in Asia, want to go to a store to touch, see, feel and compare. And some are not used to going on the web, or on the phone, to order."


These developments come as Dell aims to boost sales and reclaim its place as the world’s biggest PC maker, a title it has recently lost to Hewlett-Packard.