Counterfeit products seized in Turkish raid


Several thousand counterfeit Oki products have been seized in a large Istanbul warehouse and assembly plant by Turkish police, according to a report on online news service CPI.

Search and seizure orders by the court were made after Oki and other printer manufacturers filed a complaint against the undisclosed company in November.

"Substantial quantities" of products identified as infringing the trademarks of other printers were also seized, the report.

Andrew Montgomery, managing director of Oki Europe, said: "Oki has a reputation for the vigorous protection of its intellectual property. In recent years, the firm has worked with the police in Turkey to stop companies and individuals manufacturing, supplying or otherwise dealing in counterfeit Oki products, such as toner and ribbons.

"Nine companies have been prosecuted to date and we will continue to pursue those involved in this illegal activity until it is stamped out," he added.

Istanbul (TUR)