Commercial Group hits six-month CO2 target


30 August 2007 — Cheltenham (UK): Office products supplier, The Commercial Group, has successfully reached its six-month target to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25 percent, and is on track to meet its overall three-year reduction plan of 75 percent.


Reached by implementing a number of initiatives across the company, the company said it had demonstrated what can be achieved when a "commitment to the climate crisis is embraced" by an entire company.


The all encompassing programme to reduce its CO2 included installing low energy light bulbs, switching energy supplier and off-setting its carbon emissions in worldwide projects.


"The rolling programme we developed has focused on the areas that produce the greatest emissions," said Simone Mann, director of The Commercial Group.


"The climate change impact assessment report undertaken by ECCM (the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management) just prior to Commercial achieving carbon neutral status, highlighted the van fleet as the cause of the largest portion of our emissions."


In response Commercial will build and install its own bunkered biodiesel tank over the next six months, switch its entire van fleet to biodiesel and reduce the firm’s amount of waste to landfill by a further 50 percent.


The company also said its waste management scheme, which aims to reduce the waste the company produces by reusing and recycling, had been particularly successful.


Other achievements included paper consumption reduced by 30 reams per year, 8.5 tonnes of material recycled and 50 percent reduction in rubbish skip usage.


The company has embarked on an off-set programme to account for the rest of its 1,078 tonnes of carbon it produces, by supporting projects including solar home lighting in India and Sri Lanka, wind power generation in New Zealand and energy efficient lighting in Jamaica.


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