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Hopax is creating new opportunities in the repositionable products category with its Stick'n Concept programme


Evolution has taught us that it is not always the strongest or biggest that survive and thrive, but those that are able to adapt to changes in the environment. For the past 28 years, Hopax has been manufacturing sticky notes and other repositionable products and has achieved significant growth in the traditional office products sector by working with its numerous partners throughout the world. 

However, Hopax’s senior management recognises the importance of continuing to develop the business for the future, rather than look back and admire past performance. This is one of the reasons why the firm recently introduced its Stick’n Concept, a line of design-led products that brings new possibilities to the repositionable notes category.

As simple as ABC

Perhaps the most important benefit to understand regarding this initiative is that there are no limitations to the imagination of consumers. The printed designs can be Artistic, Beautiful and Creative; it’s as simple as ABC! 

Think of the most popular types of repositionable products: pads, cubes, die-cut shapes and film index. Hopax can print on them to create customised and personalised products to add value to the traditional favourites.

“Stick’n Concept not only enables our existing customers to gain more business, but we also expect to find new customers in different markets,” says Hopax European Sales and Marketing Director Stuart Seymour. “It is important to develop products that are not so price sensitive and can be regarded as more desirable and valuable as a result of their design.”

To illustrate the range of opportunity, Hopax points to two examples of products that have been created and are selling successfully. Line Friends – characters that children like to use when they wish to express their feelings with an image rather than with written text – has proved popular in Asia; while in Taiwan, the Chimei Museum range is tapping into the tourist industry and allowing gift shops to generate extra business.

Seymour says Stick’n Concept will appeal to different types of resellers. “Nicely-designed products will attract attention in retail stores and encourage more impulse purchases as well as generate higher values per sale,” he notes.

“Bespoke printed sticky notes are a simple, cost-effective way for organisations to keep their name or brand in front of their clients, so B2B resellers should consider the Stick’n Concept in the promotional products assortment they offer,” he adds.

To help resellers present Stick’n Concept professionally to their market, Hopax has developed a range of marketing and point-of-sale collateral that includes: a presenter with samples and explanations of some of the unique items; a catalogue with images and more information about the types of products that can be made; a new website enabling distributors to log in and download the required marketing materials; and samples to stimulate the imagination of potential consumers.

With Stick’n Concept already proving popular in some Asian markets, Hopax has been looking to expand the initiative into other areas. Seymour points to the “significant potential” for development in European markets such as Scandinavia, Germany, France and the UK, while the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil presents a natural opportunity in Latin America.

North America is also on the radar and Seymour says Hopax is currently looking to find the right partners in this market to help create designs suited to local trends and tastes.