Technology Solutions 2013

OPI provides its latest update on the office supplies tech solutions industry, with all the latest news and features.


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This has not been an easy publication to create this year. As soon as we got close to finalising what we wanted to share with you about software developments, two of the biggest players merged. Even before that we had been documenting really quite polar opinions from different providers about data and ownership, sparked by the formation of the Office Products Software Alliance.
Actually, this is all a good illustration of how the world of technology evolves in general. Over the past ten years, the impact of the internet on business and customer relations has been phenomenal – we can’t imagine a world without it. So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing changes within the companies that support independent dealers’ technology.
The polarised opinions reflect the reality that there isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to the internet and how to use data. There’s no rule to follow, or proven magic software wand to boost margins. 
However, what I hope we have brought you in this publication is some advice about where you could start. And one message is clear: ignore technology at your peril.