Making engagement easy: Text-to-Register innovation drives seamless shopping experience

Asurion Retail Solutions has introduced a new service that helps retailers enhance shoppers' post-purchase experience by simplifying the registration process for product protection plans.


Called Text-to-Register,Asurion’s new value-add service allows consumers and small businesses to use their smart phones to streamline registration of their product protection plans in just two easy steps.

On average, seven in 10 shoppers lose their receipts and the ability to make a claim quickly when they need it most. Text-to-Register provides consumers and small businesses with peace of mind knowing that their receipt will never be lost or faded before registering their product protection plan or filing a claim, according to Rob DiRocco, senior vice president of Asurion Retail Solutions.

The innovation makes registration quick and easy: A shopper can simply snap a photo of the QR code at the bottom of their receipt, then text it to a designated number. Within seconds a text confirmation is sent back, featuring a link for the shopper to view the receipt online. The complete process can be done before the shopper even leaves the store.

The receipt is then saved online, where customers can view and manage their product care plans in one place. The shopper’s email address also is requested during the registration confirmation process, providing retailers with an opportunity to strengthen their digital relationship with customers.

“Our new Text-to-Register service leverages shoppers’ smart phones to help them shop the way they want to, supporting an easy, seamless shopping experience,” DiRocco said. “Our new service also allows shoppers to access their protection plans when they need them, without the hassle of storing and digging our old receipts.”

The new Text-to-Register service is the latest innovation launched by Asurion Retail Solutions to help retailers boost the customer experience and drive loyalty. Late last year the company launched unlimited device protection plans which provide consumers and small businesses with an umbrella protection plan that covers multiple devices, both new and used, for a single monthly fee. The product helps position retailers as a single-source destination for repair services.

This content is sponsored by Asurion Retail Solutions.