Vendor Profile: Rationalise to optimise

International Paper kicked off 2018 with the launch of a rebranded portfolio of HP Papers. The new rationalised range enables clearer product positioning and easier consumer choice.


One of the world’s best-known brands, HP, has long been recognised for its focus on innovation. In fact, the company was founded nearly 80 years ago in a place in California, US, that would ultimately be dubbed Silicon Valley – the birthplace of innovation. Its tagline ‘Keep reinventing’ perfectly captures HP’s vision of continually creating technology that makes life better for everyone around the globe. It’s no surprise that HP is at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution, for example.

International Paper has been manufacturing and marketing the HP Papers brand in over 100 countries under exclusive licence since 2000. It has been a long-standing, mutually-beneficial relationship of joint innovation whereby HP’s iconic brand complements International Paper’s position as a worldwide leader in cut-size papers. 

HP products have always been synonymous with outstanding quality and the most reliable printing performance. HP Papers specifically use advanced innovation to give the highest-quality results across a wide range of office applications. 

Continued innovation

International Paper shares HP’s relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. One notable example of this is the ongoing development and implementation of ColorLok technology. A joint initiative of HP and International Paper, ColorLok was introduced to meet customers’ growing demand for improved inkjet performance and a lower cost of printing. Both vendors have continued to enhance both print and paper technology and today HP Papers with ColorLok offer more vivid colours, bolder blacks, crisper text and faster drying. 

There are other examples of innovation, such as International Paper’s award-winning tear-strip packaging, which lets users quickly and easily open a ream without damaging a single sheet of paper. 

Innovation can be expressed in many ways. Last year, HP Papers’ Pink Ream campaign successfully used an inventive concept and an eye-catching packaging design to raise substantial funds for the fight against breast cancer (see ‘Pink Ream campaign wins EOPA 2018 award’ below). 

Of course, to make an impact, all innovation must originate based on customer needs and consumer trends. And these are continually evolving, so it’s vital to respond fast in order to remain relevant. This was the core driver behind the decision to rebrand the HP Papers product range.

The new line-up

Rolled out in early 2018, the new HP Papers portfolio is all about making it more simple and straightforward for users to select the right office paper. As part of the initiative, the number of products was reduced to six. The thinking behind this reduction is that the differences and the positioning of the various papers will be easier for channel partners and vendors to present, and easier for consumers to understand. 

The range is divided into three groups – GOOD, BETTER and BEST – with two products in each of these categories to make the choice quick and easy. Generally, there’s an HP Paper for every office application: from the highest-quality presentations and large and cost-efficient print runs, to small or home office printing needs.

The rebrand is further enhanced by a new packaging design, reflecting the continuous development and innovative spirit that both International Paper and HP are so well-known for. First launched in North America and Europe, the HP Papers’ global relaunch will be completed by the end of 2018.

The new HP Papers range

HP Premium (BEST)

A completely new product in the range, HP Premium is the best option for quality printing in a professional environment. Whiter and brighter than ordinary office papers, it gives documents a high-quality look and superior feel, along with stronger, sharper colours and text. With excellent formation for reliable feeding and performance, this is a superior paper that is designed to work perfectly with both inkjet and laser printers. 

HP Premium has an optimised stiffness and is heavier and thicker than standard multipurpose papers, making all documents look and feel their best. In the office or at home, it is ideal for documents that require colour and a real professional look: presentations, estimates, reports, handouts, graphics, letterheads and commercial proposals. With a 100% recyclable plastic wrapper and an easy-open tear strip, HP Premium is available in 80, 90 and 100 gsm, A4 format, and comes in packs of 250 and 500 sheets. 

HP Color Choice (BEST)

The second product in the BEST category is HP Color Choice. Developed specifically to have the biggest impact with colour printing, HP Color Choice replaces the previous HP Color Laser product. 

It offers bold, vibrant hues and rich blacks; it is highly white and super smooth for uniform toner gloss, sharp text and colour contrast. Completely opaque, this paper is perfect for double-sided printing. In addition, ColorLok technology allows the paper to give excellent results with both inkjet and laser printers. 

HP Color Choice is ideal for documents requiring a professional look and feel: presentations, reports, newsletters, flyers, commercial proposals, invitations and certificates. Like the HP Premium, it comes with a 100% recyclable plastic wrapper and a tear strip for easy opening. HP Color Choice is available in 90 to 250 gsm, A3 and A4 formats, and in packs of 250 and 500 sheets. 

HP Everyday (BETTER)

Offering quality, reliability as well as value, HP Everyday is a premium multifunctional paper for daily use. Brighter and whiter than standard office papers, at 75 gsm it is also lighter, but with its newly-increased bulk it still provides a rigid, solid feel. This product is ideal for spot-colour applications on both inkjet and laser printers. 

Cost-efficient for large print runs, HP Everyday is a great-value paper suitable for a wide range of daily uses such as memos, drafts, email, homework, letters and copies. It comes in a 100% recyclable plastic wrapper and is available in A3 and A4 formats. 

HP Office (BETTER)

The second option in the BETTER category is HP Office, another reliable, quality paper that is ideal for high-volume printing and copying of everyday business documents. Optimised for use in all printers, copiers and fax machines, it has been developed to run jam-free, saving time and money while maximising the shelf life of the hardware. 

HP Office is one of International Paper’s most popular products. It is particularly suitable for all daily applications, such as reports, theses, internal documents, statistics and charts. Its 100% recyclable polypropylene packaging now provides even better protection and a professional look. 

HP Home & Office (GOOD)

The name says it all: HP Home & Office is aimed squarely at the small and home office and has been designed to deliver excellent results for black and white printing with all standard printers as well as high-speed printers and copiers. 

HP Home & Office is suitable for memos, drafts, email, homework, boarding passes and copies. It comes with a 100% recyclable plastic wrapper, an easy-open tear strip and is available in A4 format.

HP Copy (GOOD)

The final and sixth product and the second option in the GOOD range offers the best choice for everyday business needs. HP Copy delivers excellent results for black and white printing. It has been engineered to resist jams in high-speed, high-volume printers and copiers, but is also suitable for daily use on all printers, copiers and fax machines. 

Like HP Home & Office, HP Copy is perfect for memos, drafts, email, homework, boarding passes and copies. It comes in the same packaging, but in addition to A4 is also available in A3 format.

Perfect results

HP Papers offer a solution for every conceivable printing need. For optimum results, they should ideally be used as part of an HP Printing System, which combines an HP printer, HP toner and HP paper. Developed to work together to the highest standards when used in this combination, users get the very best in print quality, with improved runnability and less waste – and at an overall lower cost. Both International Paper and HP believe that the synergies derived from this package will result in the strongest and most unique value proposition. 

Sustaining forests

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, consumers want to know that the paper and wood products they buy come from sustainably-managed forests that will remain healthy for future generations. This is why all HP Papers sold in Europe are certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. 

Pink Ream campaign wins EOPA 2018 award

International Paper’s HP Office Pink Ream campaign which ran from May through December 2017 has made a real splash on a European level, both from a sales as well as philanthropic point of view. During this period International Paper set aside €0.10 from the sale of each ream of HP Office to donate to the Komen Europe Network, part of the world’s largest breast cancer organisation, the Susan G Komen organisation in the US.

The amount given to the charity after the campaign totalled €198,000 ($244,000) – nearly double the planned minimum International Paper pledge of €100,000. The funds will support European programmes that focus on breast cancer research, awareness and prevention.

The campaign attracted much attention, not least from the judging panel of OPI’s 2018 European Office Products Awards (EOPA). Having been shortlisted following the judges meeting last December, International Paper’s HP Office Pink Ream campaign ultimately won the Initiative of the Year award at the EOPA presentation dinner in Amsterdam in early March.