Taking eco forward

Adding to its current ECO range while reviewing its other products, Rapesco is going full steam ahead in its sustainability journey.


Whether it’s governments moving to ban the sale of diesel engines and looking to use more renewable energy or consumers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, there’s an undeniable culture shift towards a sustainable future. The impact of this shift can also be seen in changing customer purchasing habits – they want to buy sustainable products made by environmentally-sound companies.

Green philosophy

For Rapesco Office Products – one of Europe’s leading OP manufacturers – ECO has always been more than just a product range. It’s a statement and philosophy that means decisions of every aspect of the company are taken with the environment in mind. Rapesco is passionate about this and, as part of its commitment, has made some considerable changes to its product range.

Over the past few months, the company has unveiled a line of six new heavy-duty staplers and hole punches. 

Manufactured with a high content of recycled material, the products are available in attractive, soft-white colours. Importantly, they are offered at the same price as their non-ECO predecessors and counterparts.

From cars to electrical devices, consumers have a strong leaning towards the colour white. But along with offering a gentler finish than standard white plastic, the neutrality of these new soft-whites means that Rapesco’s ECO products are also a good fit for the corporate world and the firm has been experiencing some real sales traction with the new ECO range, particularly in the B2B sector.

As Trading Director Ken Trenberth says: “The move towards a more sustainable future is something nobody can deny and, as a company, we’re serious about our commitment. With our ECO range we’re offering consumers the chance to choose products without sacrificing on quality or performance or in fact having to pay extra to do so. It’s little surprise that we’ve seen a huge interest in this range from around the world.”

Product review

That said, launching new products is only part of Rapesco’s journey to a sustainable future. The vendor has embarked on an extensive review of several of its key products. The idea is to incorporate more ECO material in their production while ensuring that they retain the same high level of performance and quality customers have come to expect. 

Indeed, the company is so confident about the review that many of its ECO products now come with a 25-year guarantee. This gives end users extra peace of mind when buying Rapesco products.

Combined with the six new product lines, Rapesco’s ECO line extends to over 30 SKUs. Further additions are planned for the future as it looks to expand its ECO ethos to other aspects of its product offering. 

Back-end improvements

Behind the scenes, Rapesco has recognised the growing importance of online platforms and developed a library of digital marketing materials. This allows the company to provide its partners with digital content – including imagery, video and other data – at the click of a button, connecting and transferring information to customers around the world in a way that more traditional methods cannot. 

Needless to say, a wide range of marketing collateral is also available for its new ECO products. All of them can be marketed to end users by Rapesco partners via the manufacturer’s substantial following across a number of social media platforms.

Having worked hard to create a range of products backed by an environmental verification statement compliant with ISO and the ICC Framework for Environmental Claims, Rapesco is excited about what the future holds and remains confident that its ever-growing range of ECO products will continue to deliver at the highest level.