United Stationers: Buy Local

Consumers see "buy local" campaigns as keeping money in the community, and local resellers as understanding businesses.


There are opportunities surrounding “buy local” campaigns which both resellers and consumers across industries are realising. Research conducted by United Stationers found that almost 2/3 of the consumers surveyed preferred to buy from local resellers for a variety of reasons, especially because buying locally keeps money in the community. This theme is echoed across all business sizes; the consumer sense is that purchasing products from a local reseller means that the local economy prospers.

Other advantages that businesses cite for buying locally often focuses on relationship. Two key attributes of local businesses emerge: the first one is having a sales representative that the business knows. The result is open sharing, which leads to the second relationship attribute: when a business buys locally, the say that their reseller understands their business.

Consumers also indicate that”local” means fast and convenient – being able to procure what they need and when they need it. This aspect is important to the “empowered user” who purchases for themselves or their department and largely buys based on convenient availability.

While one reseller could opt a “buy local” campaign by themselves, the key concept behind these campaigns is community. By involving multiple resellers in a “buy local” campaign, they can establish a destination for consumers — a local shopping experience where consumers can purchase office supplies, business services, and other products.

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